Thursday, November 13, 2008

I actually won something!!!

Today I logged into one of my favorite photography forums and they had just announced a photo scavenger hunt! The prizes for the winners were awesome, but you had to be quick, first 3 posts win, so I quickly got to work on finding all the items (along with my ever-so-willing helper, my daughter Jaden)! A while later, and exhausted from the manic search, I uploaded pictures in a frenzy and later was happy to learn that the work paid off, I was lucky winner #3!!

Here are a few of the items we had to find (and please keep in mind these are just quick snapshots:))...

A tea cup

A flower

A candle

Something that spelled the name of the forum

And a picture of ourself in the mirror w/camera!


Holly said...

How fun! Good job!

Thx for checking out my photog blog. It hard cuz I'd like to devote more time to photography, but my boutique has been swamped for the last 3 months. I closed my boutique website a couple weeks ago so I can do holiday sessions this month and then go on maternity leave until Feb. I'm looking forward to seeing a new gallery of your pics. I know you've been busy! Those pumpkin patch shots were awesome!

Have fun at the wedding. We sorta did the same thing for our own wedding, and it was soooooo fun.


Mary said...

Great job Jessica! Looks like a fun project. What did you win?